Summer School 2023 at Human-Computer Interaction Lab

We are pleased to formally announce the successful hosting of a distinct Summer School program at our Software Quality and Human-Computer Interaction Lab of the Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics, University of Patras. In two sessions, from 21-23 June and 26-27 June, three talented young individuals from Arsakeio and 7th Lyceum Patras were introduced to the sophisticated realms of Human-Computer Interaction.

During the Summer School, students engaged in a full-day program that included various projects, allowing them to:

🔹 Collaborate with distinguished scientists and researchers in the field of human-computer interaction and software quality. 

🔹 Explore the latest research findings and technological innovations in HCI. 

🔹 Participate in interesting lectures, workshops, and group activities to inspire critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork. 

🔹 Witness how ideas and research are transformed into real-life applications and products that impact people’s daily lives. 

🔹 Investigate how human-computer interaction technology is applied in real-world scenarios and enhances user experiences. 

This immersive exposure offered them a captivating glimpse into the present and future potential of this fascinating field of study.

This program marked a meaningful fusion of young curiosity and advanced technology, stimulating a potential path for these students toward future innovation in the field. It also created opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange among students and professionals in the field.

We look forward to more such educational collaborations, fostering the next generation of tech leaders.